Join me for “Serverless Machine Learning with TensorFlow” at O’Reilly Strata in London, UK

If you are at O’Reilly Strata Data Conference in London on May 22nd, I’d be delighted to see you! During the session I’ll walk you through building a complete machine learning pipeline from ingest, exploration, training, and evaluation to deployment and prediction. This workshop will be conducted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and will use GCP’s infrastructure to run TensorFlow.

Also, the session will cover:

  • Data pipelines and data processing: How to explore and split large datasets correctly (using SQL and pandas on BigQuery and Cloud Datalab)
  • Model building: How to develop a wide-and-deep machine learning model in TensorFlow on a small sample locally (using Apache Beam for preprocessing operations so that the same preprocessing can be applied in streaming mode as well and Cloud Dataflow and Cloud ML Engine for preprocessing and training of the model)
  • Model inference and deployment: How to deploy the trained model as a REST microservice and predictions invoked from a web application

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