Check out how IBM Bluemix, Docker, and Watson Tradeoff Analytics can work together by test driving this demo.

District Insurance Portfolio Snapshot Earlier in 2015, I had a chance to work with a great team to put together a demonstration of an early version of a Docker-based IBM Container Service and some DevOps capabilities that helped integrate deployment to Docker containers with IBM Bluemix. Fast forward a few months and now we have the Container Service available in Beta to virtually all users of Bluemix.  And I also got the application we used to demonstrate these features available from my github repository: If you want to get started immediately, head on over to github and try the nifty “Deploy to Bluemix” button. If you want to learn more about the demo first, keep on reading!

Interconnect 2015

A recap of the demo scenario is available at the github URL above but to get a sense of how the demo was used at Interconnect 2015, check out this video from one of the general sessions (demo starts around the 1h31m40s marker):

At Interconnect, we saw how District Insurance, a fictional company could use Bluemix as a platform to rapidly develop new features for applications and maintain a continuous delivery pipeline which pushed the application changes to Docker containers. In the video, IBM Bluemix DevOps Services were used to build and run the pipeline connecting District Insurance’s Git-based source code repository with IBM Bluemix Container Services.

So to recap, the demo consists of

  • a Node.JS application using Express, Dust, and a number of other frameworks
  • IBM Watson Tradeoff Analytics for simplifying the decision making process in presence of many complex, competing alternatives
  • IBM Container Service, a Docker container hosting platform available as part of IBM Bluemix
  • IBM Bluemix DevOps Services, a collection of tools to help Bluemix users to easily adopt continuous delivery, agile development, and other software engineering best practices.

If you want to checkout a live version of the demo, it is available via the link below. Use bob/secret to login.